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Population Research Center


Population research focuses on understanding groups of individuals and their characteristics, behaviors and patterns. This type of research typically involves collecting data through surveys, interviews or observations and using statistical analysis to draw conclusions about the population being studied. The insights gained from population research can inform policies, programs, and interventions aimed at improving the well-being of populations. 

Interdisciplinary collaboration is a crucial element of population research, as it draws on expertise from multiple fields, such as public health, epidemiology, pediatrics, neurology, psychology, political science, and communication and media studies. By bringing together these diverse perspectives and methodologies, population researchers gain a more comprehensive understanding of the populations they study, allowing more nuanced and effective recommendations for policy and practice.  

UZH PRC researchers currently conduct research in the following topic areas:

  • Health
  • Youth
  • Education
  • Development over the lifespan
  • Media
  • Political opinions
  • Migration
  • ...and others

Associated Projects

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The Swiss Panel Survey on Digitalization

UZH-based, multilingual speech recognition software

Mental Health Assessment of the Ukrainian Population

Research Funding

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Seeking funding for your population research? Explore the opportunities with a PRC Seed Grant application.